How To Strengthen Your Belief in What You Can Achieve

Dearest One

Send love to the vision you hold. Know you are capable of anything you believe.

Release Fear.

Breathe in Love.

Breathe out Doubt.

Breathe in joy.

Release the stagnant energy that tells you , "you can't"

Thank the voice that says, "you are not enough, have failed, should not want it, cannot have it and choose to disagree. Replace with love, faith, belief in who you are at your soul level.

You are capable of choosing in each moment. You can think, "it's hard," and show up anyway. "I'm afraid and its ok."

You are here to love and be loved.  Love knows no bounds. Love inspires, motivates, cheers you on - sees you at your best. It encourages you.

Sometimes you feel stuck. It is only temporary and will last only as long as you allow it. So take a breath, raise your arms, move your body, stretch, breathe, and recommit.

Root your belief deep into the earth's supportive energy anchoring your intentions, knowing you are capable of anything you believe.

Now go do it. One step at a time. One task at a time.  One breath at a time. One success at a time.

Allow the voice of love to urge you on, with the light of the divine sourcing and surrounding you.  You are supported.

Connect to your spirit, to joy, to how wonderful it feels each time you achieve one more thing that is moving you toward your vision, your goals, your desires.

Call on the I AM presence to connect you to your intentions.

AFFIRM: I AM love.  I AM joy.  I AM success.  I AM unstoppable.  I AM sourced by faith.  I AM capable of whatever I believe is possible.

Practice these 3 daily meditations - Ground, Gratitude, and Intentions.

Visualize in your mind, write it down on paper, and feel the success in your body.  If you can't feel it, then get support to help you! Let' talk and see where you are blocked and clear it up!  

Use EFT to clear the doubt and anchor in the belief.

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