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Wisdom Through Your Chakras and EFT

Learn to listen to the wisdom of your body, your emotions, and your spirit by understanding your chakras and all that they communicate to you.

Your chakras are energy centers that absorb and hold memory and vibration and regulate your life force. When these centers are blocked sluggish or imbalanced, it can cause you to be stuck in negative patterns of thinking and behavior.

Each chakra corresponds to specific areas of your physical bodies, related emotional issues, as well as archetypes. Eastern cultures have recognized for centuries the importance of balancing your chakras for optimal emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health.

How strongly this energy flows greatly affects you. When the energy is flowing freely you experience greater health, vitality, and harmony in your life, work and relationships.

Trauma, stress, illness,negative thoughts, family patterning and emotional energy passed down through the generations can all cause the chakras to be blocked or overloaded. This impacts how successful, healthy, empowered and whole you feel.

EFT is a gentle touching technique that disperses the negative energy in your physical and emotional body.  EFT TAPPING POINTSThe tapping speaks to your unconscious mind freeing up space to allow what you wish to create to replace that energy more consciously. It enables you to release the toxins, beliefs, thoughts, habits, and patterns you have adopted throughout your lifetime, freeing your conscious mind to be in alignment with your unconscious mind. Then you can experience the results that you desire.

By exploring the wisdom that resides within your chakras, tapping on the issues of each chakra, and examining your beliefs, you will be free to create your life from an empowered and healthier state. You will be able to powerfully shift the thinking and the beliefs that have been contributing to your stuck energy and lack of desired results.

Women's Bodies, Women's WisdomDr. Christiane Northrup in her book, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing,says "There isn't a drug, exercise regime or vitamin that comes anywhere near the potential of our beliefs to add seven and a half years to our lives! And that's why examining our beliefs critically is crucial to getting and staying healthy."

chakra locations in bodyOur lower chakras hold the key to our fear, insecurity, unexpressed emotions and lack of personal power tied to our physical reality.

They are also where programming from our childhood is stored.

Often we are unaware of the memories, issues, and perceptions that are unconsciously locked away in our chakras and their corresponding body parts.

There is so much information to aid you in making choices with clarity and freedom from conditioning when you tap into the wisdom of your body.

Many people who are aspiring to heighten their spiritual side will focus their attention on their brow and crown chakras, ignoring the others. They seem to be in the clouds or lacking a connection to the physical world.

In order to be balanced and truly connected to your higher realm, it is equally important to be grounded and balanced in your lower chakras. Remember that the energy flows up, so blocked energy from below affects the energy above. 

Wisdom Through Your Chakras and EFT

Each course covers one of the seven main chakras and includes the following:

  1.  A downloadable audio that includes:
  • Opening meditation
  • Questions for Reflection to gain most benefit of the lesson
  • Lesson on the chakra that includes:
    • The physical body locations to which each chakra corresponds and its associated health benefits and challenges
    • The emotional issues related to each chakra
    • Your habitual thinking and unconscious beliefs that correspond with each chakra
    • The positive and negative aspects of the archetypal energies represented in each chakra
    • The lessons your inner wisdom has for you
    • Signs of balanced and unbalanced chakras
  • Tapping Sequence for that chakra
  • Closing Meditation

2.  Easy downloads of PDF guides that accompany each course

3.  A video that demonstrates how to tap using EFT

In each course, you will explore the energy centers and see what nuggets of gold are stored there waiting for your discovery.  The most beautiful thing about life is that we have choice, and if we do not like how our life is shaping up, you can make different choices.

When you understand the information that your chakras hold and do the inner work to heal the issues associated with them, you can  then experience more vibrant health, love, joy, and success in your personal and professional life.

root chakra wisdomRoot Chakra - Survival, Trust, Safety and Family Loyalty 

The root chakra is associated with our animal instincts of survival and self-preservation – food, shelter, health and security. It is the very foundation of our being and our identity.

SACRAL chakra wisdomSacral Chakra - Creativity, Sexuality, Relationships, Pleasure

The sacral chakra’s focal points are your emotions, sexuality, creativity, pleasure, well-being, relationships and abundance. It represents your ability to go with the flow – grace and acceptance and allowing yourself to enjoy your life and achievements.  It is from this chakra that you feel self-respect, confidence, and decisiveness.

SOLAR CHAKRA wisdomSolar Chakra - Confidence, Personal Power, Will, and Personality

The solar chakra is associated with personality and will power – self- esteem and personal identity. This is the area of assertiveness, intuition, and inner drive.

HEART CHAKRA WISDOMHeart Chakra - Expression of True Partnership, Compassion, and Love

The fourth chakra is the bridge between the lower three lower (physical) and three higher (spiritual) chakras. It represents compassion, selfless love, personal love, universal love, your capacity to feel, express yourself emotionally, and to participate in healthy partnerships.

throat chakra wisdomThroat Chakra - Sound, Self Expression, and Communication

The fifth chakra is associated with sound, creative self-expression, speech and communication, will and timing. The ability to speak honestly, to receive, process and assimilate information, and to connect and speak to your inner truth are related to the throat chakra.

brow chakra wisdomBrow Chakra - Trusting Guidance From the Divine

The brow chakra also referred to, as The Third Eye chakra is associated with sight, both intuitively and physically, and is related to perception, thought, and morality.  It is through this chakra that we are able to tune in to the inner wisdom and guidance from our higher self and the divine.

crown chakra WISDOMCrown Chakra - Divine to Connection to Love and Wisdom

The crown chakra symbolizes purity and spirituality. Its function is to open you to the light of spirit, which is connected to Source. It is your highest energy center, physically located at the top of your head and has the highest rate of vibration.

Wisdom Through Your Chakras and EFTSave money and have access to all 7 courses - balancing, clearing, healing all of your main chakra centers.