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Raving Fans

Anne-Marie Wiesman

Cheri was a true blessing to us both

I had the pleasure of getting to know Cheri when we did our EFT Training together. I later got to experience working with her, she is simply amazing! Always so welcoming, gentle and knows just how to help you overcome whatever you are facing. I sent my daughter to work with her as well, and she was a true blessing to us both. Thank you, Cheri for all that you do. Anne-Marie Wiesman Founder/CEO of HCN www.annemariewiesman.com

This woman is a healing master!

Work with her and you will gain freedom and joy! I would recommend ANYONE who wants gentle supported healing in his or her life to call on Cheri. This woman is a gifted intuitive, talented tapper and kind and generous and just THE BEST!! Since my recent work with her on prosperity and obesity, I felt empowered enough to lose 89 lbs and take in my clothes...8 inches!! I also gained three jobs!!!! Such Joy!! P.S. The peace of mind, loss of procrastination and self-love are quite amazing too!! Call her. ~Kathleen Arvold, Boulder City, NV

After 1 phone healing session:

Wow! My Dear Cheri ...

In our short time ( a matter of minutes) working together, we got right to the core of some things I have been tracking down for 50 years. I was ready and you are truly gifted. I already feel lighter, tearful. alive and sooo relieved that there is a end to these issues!!!! I am starting working on the assignments you gave me this very afternoon. Endless Blessings and my gratitude for your talent generous nature,

~Kathleen Arvold, Boulder City, NV


Cheri is a one-woman life support system for entrepreneurs.

Instinctively, I knew that the root of my trouble wasn't physical, it was emotional and spiritual. I needed to clean up some things in my life. One of my friends suggested that I work with Cheri -- so I hired her on the spot, not exactly knowing what I was getting myself into. I'm so glad that I did. I let go of a bunch of old stories that were holding me back in my life and my business, and rooted into myself in a powerful new way. I highly recommend working with Cheri to every entrepreneur who wants to shed their own internal limitations to success. She's flippin' awesome... and she really helped me move forward rapidly, without a lot of hooplah or fluff. Stella Orange

Beth Frede belissama


“"Cheri is a gem! Her intuition development classes taught me not only how to receive intuitive messages, but how to interpret them. She introduced me to a variety of tools and techniques that have enhanced my work as an intuitive artist and life coach. Cheri infuses her classes with fascinating stories, lots of time to practice techniques, and opportunities to share what we’re discovering, which really helped me to integrate the information in a more comprehensive way. And I especially love how she helped me to clarify and deepen my own unique gifts. Thank you, Cheri!" Beth Frede

After a private session for chakra clearing:

“Cheri, after our session yesterday I had a great night's sleep- the first one I've had in weeks. I started my soul letter, and was able to connect and let go of some of the pain I've been carrying without even knowing it. I'm excited to continue the process and see what opens up as a result. I feel lighter and calmer today. Thanks for your healing words and work! “ Beth Frede

Andrea Hood

I don't know where I would be today if I didn't have her in my life!

If you're looking to up your game both personally and professionally, you need Cheri in your life! Here's the thing - we all have strengths and we all have blocks that weaken us (and in turn weaken our business!). Cheri helped me improve my strengths and get rid of those blocks, allowing me to fully step into my power. I have gained so much clarity in my life since I started working with Cheri a year ago - and my business has grown leaps and bounds thanks to her guidance and soul-shifting work. I don't know where I would be today if I didn't have her in my life! ~ Andrea Hood - http://www.andreahood.com/


Deep and Enlighteneing

Virginia P. says: I enjoyed a powerful and insightful session with Cheri. She is sensitive and brilliant in her guidance to uncover blocks and help me clear them. I loved my time with her and highly recommend her services. I felt supported and loved throughout.

Jill Perry

The experience was priceless

Meeting Cheri and going through her programs has been such a wonderful blessing. She has helped me become more confident, secure, and given me the ability to let my light shine. Not only have I experienced success in love but have upped my game at work as well as all aspects of my personal life. Tapping, chakra cleansing, healing and readings have helped me immensely. We have laughed and cried, broke down and built up. The experience was priceless. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Jill Perry, MA


Emotional freedom is the bomb!!!! It really did work. My husband is speechless.

Long story short: Our session worked miracles in my life. I went from being angry at myself and others, to being disappointed, to being sad, to being pure bliss. It was a process but I could see it unfolding every single day and it was really powerful. Another wonderful result that Becka experienced from Tapping - this time on her own but wanted to share this: ... what I noticed is that my neck pain has been gone since Friday and here it is Monday. I have had neck pain for months and nothing helps, NOTHING!. But I believe the tapping is what ran that energy right out of my body.

Cheri, it really did work. I've had three weeks at my new job and I'm waking up at 5am with joy. Not only am I able to do it, I'm doing it with ease and joy. Headed back in tomorrow morning and I'm not even a tad anxious. I'm blissful. Normally I would be throwing up at this point and completely unable to sleep a wink throughout the night. I'm absolutely amazed and just so totally grateful. My husband is speechless.

More from Becka:

In our tapping I said I have issues with time, waking up early, sleeping, due to not being allowed to use an alarm clock? Well we tapped on that a few weeks ago. It was so powerful! ... I've been working the 3-11 shift for 16 years because I was afraid to get up early, literally afraid. .

On Tuesday I had an interview and got the job right then and there. It's the most exciting job of my life. The hours are 7-3 or 8-4. I have a one hour window if when I get there everyday.

This takes a huge stress off of the whole fear of getting up early and fear of being late. Also, I'm not even scared because I know I'm exactly where I need to be. Thank you for your help in my journey. You are a blessing and this really is a miracle! You have no idea how this has affected my life for over 20 years. 

My mood is so much brighter

I don't even know where to begin. In the last 5 days, I truly feel like my entire perspective on life has shifted. My mood is so much brighter. Where I used struggle to keep up, I'm now on top of everything that I need to be on top of. Like you said, since I've had my passions written down, I'm constantly seeing opportunities to get in touch with them. And the more often I decide to take advantage of those opportunities, everything else just feels like it's falling into place. That negative voice in the back of my mind is barely audible now. Just a few nights ago, I started to wonder if I was ok mentally - I kept thinking, it can't be normal to feel so intensely satisfied and happy. I'm still blown away, considering nothing external changed. I always made excuses that 'as soon as this or that changes, then I'll be happy'. How deceiving that mindset was! For the last 3 nights, I've had long conversations with my husband that only used to happen years ago before the kids, and maybe even before we were married. Without any prompting or knowing about my passion exercise, he started offering all these ideas of what he could do to help get me out of the house for some really long bike rides. It was at that point that I shared with him everything I experienced and he was 'surprisingly' (but it probably shouldn't have been) supportive and excited for me. I can't thank you enough for giving me such a gift of your time and expertise. It has made such a crucial change in only a few days. I'm excited that this is just the beginning of a life-long journey. ~ Cathy Field, Bedford, MA April 2012

Dr. Angela Lambert

I am more centered

I participated in "Unlocking the Seven Layers of Your Inner Wisdom" because I knew there were patterns I was stuck in and I was seeking some support in shifting them. As a result of participating in this program I gained exactly what I wanted - patterns were broken up and shifting began. I enjoyed the process of focusing on 1 chakra and then working on healing in those specific areas. As a result, I am more centered and even more clear about what are my issues vs. the issues of those I've cared for. I have been recommending this program! ~ Dr. Angela Lambert Portsmouth, NH www.NaturalMedicineNH.org


Saranah H. says: After my session I went home and sent an email to a potential sponsor listing sponsorship opportunities for two upcoming events. I also began to think about who I could approach for money and the thought didn't make me cringe. I am excited to be doing this work and can't wait for all the wealth coming my way!


I love the safe space Cheri creates

With an MBA and four successful businesses under my tiara, I know the daily challenges, concerns and joys entrepreneurs go through while raising their business. Acquiring strong business skills are key to creating a successful outcome for any endeavor. Equally important are the strong mind set skills needed to weather the ups and downs of growing a business. That's why I work with Cheri Valentine, and why I highly recommend you do, too. Using her deep knowledge and intuitive understanding of tapping and energy healing, Cheri helps you dissolve those negative stories of doubt and fear that can seep in during hard times, and she replaces them with the best thoughts and stories specifically tailored for you. She has helped me Tap into my highest potential, freeing me from old beliefs that no longer served me or my business. I especially love the safe space Cheri creates so you can let go and really move forward in your life to "soul-satisfying" success. ~ Ande Lyons ~ Possibility Partners

Erin Plunkett

I was able to start an excercise regime

I attended Cheri's group Tappy Hour. I had a bone in my right foot that would not stay in the joint. I would continually have to go to my chiropractor to have it adjusted back into its socket. And then it would pop back out shortly after an adjustment. As a result of this physical challenge, I had been unable to begin to create a new habit of walking for exercise that I wanted to develop to support the weight release program I was doing. By the end of that day’s session, the bone in my foot had slid back into its socket. And it has remained there ever since then. As a result of this I was able to begin an exercise regime of walking daily without experiencing any pain in my right foot. I am now up to walking +3 miles a day!!! I can personally recommend to anyone experiencing a health issue to seek out Cheri’s wonderful help in healing it through the use of EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ). Thank you so very much, Cheri! ~ Erin Plunkett ~ Space Clearing Design Solutions


Feel lighter in body and positive in spirit

As a life coach, I know how important it is to have every area of life in alignment. Doing EFT with an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled coach has increased it’s effectiveness for me. I chose Cheri to be my coach in this because she gets such great results from it with other clients. I haven’t been disappointed. After only a couple sessions I could feel the difference and shift in both my body and my mental attitude. Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, and disappointment can be toxic to our health. Cheri has helped me feel lighter in body and positive in spirit. Working with her is helping me live life more joyfully and with less stress. If you are looking for a professional who both cares, is fun to work with,and knows what she is doing, consider hiring Cheri. ~ Beth Earle, Life and Business Coach, Victor, CO

Cheri is extremely perceptive

After receiving Individualized coaching from Cheri ... I now know in the early stages of dating if that person could become a potential partner. I am currently working with Cheri to develop a four level process of identifying what I bring to the equation in a relationship, and determining how I should best interact with women. Cheri’s 5 meeting Individualized Program is an amazing value for those people willing to take action in seeking their next mate. Her strengths are her intuitive questioning skills that explore your core values and personality traits which allow you to obtain a solid understanding of how to prepare for your next relationship. Cheri is extremely perceptive and I find her sessions to be thought evoking at several levels. ~ Mike C, NH November 2008

marica coakley

Refreshing and Real

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Blanche H. says: Cheri is just what I needed. I was feeling overwhelmed, caught up on a constant cycle of GO, unable to pause, relax and enjoy life around me. Unable to take time out with my children and feeling like a monster because of it, I called Cheri. I'm so glad I did. Her approach is authentic, grounded, funny and extremely professional. She is talented and perfectly suited to this work. Before I felt tired and heavy as if I was being weighed down. After my sessions with Cheri I feel so light and happy! I am able to celebrate my accomplishments now instead of skipping over them doggedly preparing for the next one. I'm able to enjoy my children now and cry tears of joy that I can balance loving, laughing and raising and providing for them. The session I had with Cheri changed my life! If you are ready to be open to that which you deserve i.e. happiness, love, peace and abundance then call Cheri. If you are ready for your life to be changed in an awesome way then call Cheri. I did and now I bask in my awesomeness and happiness. Come be awesome and happy with me!

Relieved there is an end to these issues

I participated in Unlocking the Seven Layers of Your Inner Wisdom because I wanted to know more about chakras and how to balance them. I gained more awareness of how to get things back in balance and clean out old feelings that were keeping me from moving forward. I enjoyed the tapping sessions the most and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to move beyond what's holding them back. SA Baltimore, MD



Martha G. says: It was a wonderful session! My first time for an energy healing and I benefitted greatly! Thank you

Paulette and Dave

Her process can be applied to every facet of your life

It was such a turning point in my life to realize that I DID have a say I accidentally met Cheri through a miscommunication, and truly believe that there are NO coincidences in life, some things are just truly meant to be. I signed up for her personal coaching classes, and then she invited me to join her pilot program, 90 days to Love. What started out as the worst time of my life turned into a year of soul searching and true clarity about who I was and what I wanted from my next relationship. Cheri gets right to the heart of the subject, makes you see that you can’t use blame or recrimination for things that go wrong, how to go forward and use things as a learning process so that you can move on with CHOICES of what YOU need in a relationship. It was such a turning point in my life to realize that I DID have a say, and her way of gently nudging you into thinking of things from a whole different perspective is key to self-realization. I can’t recommend Cheri enough, and it’s not just for people who are going through tough times in a relationship. Her process can be applied to every facet of your life, and that is what makes working with Cheri and her programs so valuable! Cheri, you’re the BEST, love you girl! ~ Paulette, LaPlume, Andover, MA

Staci Jansma

Thank you for this journey that we took together – it was so worth it –

I am going to be happy and grateful for what I do have Cheri – a huge THANK YOU for what you have helped me with over our sessions we have had together. The huge breakthrough that we made 2 weeks ago has just opened my eyes to see what has been in front of me for years – love, respect, caring, passionate, friends, family — I know that I bottled things up because I didn’t know what to do or where to go – so bottling it up seemed like the right thing to do – now I see that I was bottling it up and it just made me unhealthy emotionally and I am so grateful that you have helped me to release the hurt, anger, sad feelings that have been around for many years and now I see how I can make life even better for me, my husband, my kids and family and friends. Sometimes you do need to see things outside the box and you need someone to tell you how they see it and it helped me to realize my life would not be as wonderful, events and activities would not have occurred if I didn’t take this path and where I am now — it may not have happened this way. So instead of holding onto the past and hoping/wishing for what I can’t have – I am going to be happy and grateful for what I do have – live life to the fullest and respect, love and care for what I do have. Cheri – Thank you for this journey that we took together – it was so worth it – just wish I found you sooner – but we both know – when it's meant to be – it's meant to be! ~ Staci Jansma, www.StaciJansma.com


Cheri's coaching turned it all around for me

I had three private “Passion Test” consultations with Cheri a few months ago. I have done so much personal growth work over the past 15 years. Truly, I was not expecting much. I thought , “What the heck, I like these kind of things so why not?” Cheri is dynamic, extremely intelligent, compassionate and truly passionate about helping others get focused on what is really their deepest passion in career, relationships and, yes, love. She worked with me through the difficult season of being laid off. Frankly, I was very scared and depressed. Cheri’s coaching turned it all around for me. I became energized, aware, in touch with what I am PASSIONATE about, and ready to move forward. My business and income has taken off. It has increased and keeps growing! I highly recommend this workshop. Plus, It is just plain FUN!!!! ~ Cynthia Mailhot, Be Dazzled Events, Nashua, NH


I was amazed and surprised what I learned about myself

In working with Cheri to take the “Passion Test”® myself, I was amazed and surprised what I learned about myself. The 3 hour process gave me a whole new perspective, insight and clarity surrounding my life’s passions. Cheri is definitely an expert in her field. She not only worked with me to discover my true passions but enlightened me on how to stay focused in order to achieve those passions.” ~ Patricia St. Pierre, Summit Coaching