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This woman is a healing master!

Work with her and you will gain freedom and joy! I would recommend ANYONE who wants gentle supported healing in his or her life to call on Cheri.


This woman is a gifted intuitive, talented tapper and kind and generous and just THE BEST!! Since my recent work with her on prosperity and obesity, I felt empowered enough to lose 89 lbs and take in my clothes...8 inches!! I also gained three jobs!!!! Such Joy!!


P.S. The peace of mind, loss of procrastination and self-love are quite amazing too!! Call her.


~Kathleen Arvold, Boulder City, NV


Another testimonial from Katheen

After 1 phone healing session:


Wow! My Dear Cheri ...

In our short time ( a matter of minutes) working together, we got right to the core of some things I have been tracking down for 50 years. I was ready and you are truly gifted. I already feel lighter, tearful. alive and sooo relieved that there is a end to these issues!!!!


I am starting working on the assignments you gave me this very afternoon.

Endless Blessings and my gratitude for your talent generous nature,

~Kathleen Arvold, Boulder City, NV