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Tappy Break


Tappy Break was created to provide you with 20 minutes toward freedom from emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and perceived limitations so you can expand into your fullest soul expression

  • release whatever is holding you back from living, working, loving and playing in harmony with your soul
  • peel away the layers that keep you from trusting your intuition
  • move you forward with grace and ease
  • ease stress and anxiety
  • tap into your most truthful, joyful self

#TappyBreak are tapping sessions that are 20 minutes or less - giving you a break from your day, stress, overwhelm, and overdoing.

There are 40+ #tappybreak videos available to view and tap along with anytime .

Each week, I release a new tapping video.  Please make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter (at bottom of page,) so that you will receive notifications and invitations when I am tapping and can tap along with me live, offer feedback, ask questions, or receive the replays to your inbox.

In these videos, I lead you through a quick 20 minute tapping session addressing such issues as procrastination, writing blocks, overwhelm, control, speaking phobia, family loyalty, money blocks, and many other challenging areas that may be keeping you still.  You have a voice, a mission and a passion.  Don’t let unconscious and limiting stories keep you from sharing it fully and receiving all the success and abundance that comes with it.

By combining a light tapping on acupressure points while talking, you can move past the emotional and unconscious blocks that are creating your current results. When you tap on an issue often the underlying or unconscious triggers will surface so that you can acknowledge, express and release the charge or the power it has so that you can move into expansion and grow that huge vision you are holding for yourself and the world.

You can join me virtually to tap at your convenience by viewing and tapping with the videos.

It’s free, it quick and its available at your convenience – so take a break and tap!