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Every day you face many challenges. Your days are busy, sometimes the list of things to do seems endless. Overwhelm and lack of inspiration can take its toll.

If you are sensitive, empathic, or intuitive in any capacity, the energy that you pick up from others can cause anxiety, overwhelm, and exhaustion. You are an antenna and sponge for other peoples emotions and thoughts. This can be so unsettling and uncentering.

I understand. I am all of the above. That's why I created these meditations for you. I understand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of other people energies without knowing that's what is happening. I have dealt with anxiety, pain, fatigue, exhaustion, feeling scattered, and ungrounded.

I also know the benefits of being grounded, centered, calm, and clear on who I am and what is important to me - to differentiate what is MY ENERGY versus WHAT I HAVE PICKED UP FROM OTHERS. I know that I became a better parent, spouse, friend, and creative when I learned to ground, center, and surround myself with divine protective light.

It's amazing how more guided and in tune with what's best for my highest good, when I practiced grounding, gratitude, and intention setting. I practiced these meditations myself and still do. I share them with my clients. Now I want to share them with you.

Ground and protect your personal space and energy for a successful and calmer day

Spend a few minutes with affirmations and gratitude to set your day for success and joy

Set your intention for something you want to create, manifest or change in your life

Each one is less than seven minutes. You can listen to them separately at different times during the day when you need a boost, or in one sitting to set the tone and energy for the day ahead.

Sometimes I am on my treadmill with these meditations. Other days, I blast them from my Bose while I shower. Some mornings I lie in bed and let their magic wake me up and inspire me. There is no right or wrong way to incorporate these mediations into your daily life. Creating ritual is so powerful for you to set the foundation for things to flow. These mediations are my gift to you. Listening to them daily and creating ritual is your gift to you.

I have found that when I begin my day by filling myself with supportive energy and surrounding myself with light and protection, I am less reactive to others agendas and emotions. I am more stable in my intentions. I am more sourced and guided with next steps. The benefits to the clients with whom I have shared these same meditations are that they feel more clarity in their mission, more connected to their passion, and more calm throughout their day.

I am sharing them with you so that you can get started with your own practice and ritual for success! You are here to do great things. You have all you need within. Take time to tune into the source of your strength and inner wisdom

These 3 simple meditations have changed my life! I want you to have the same opportunity.

Of course your experience will be uniquely yours!

I love that by setting time aside each day, and allowing the magic of these mediations to guide, inspire, and center you, reaffirm your gratitude, and set your intentions, you will begin to live in harmony with your soul