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What If You Stopped Chasing Money?

I was in a private hangout via Google Plus this week with a beautiful woman I met when she attended one of my first Tappy Breaks.  We became fast friends.

It's been such a blessing to share and grow with each other from our various perches.  I love reading her posts on "Nature's Wisdom" and our mutual support for each other.  The other day, she said something that really struck me - She said, "I stopped chasing money...." 

We continued to chat for awhile, and I was hit with this understanding - what had shifted so drastically for both of us was that we had stopped chasing money and began to appreciate and receive what was already there - what had always been there.  It was such an awakening for both of us. We also had connected to a part of ourselves that was real, brought us so much pleasure and allowed that to fuel us.  Instead of chasing money, we became aligned with what brings us joy. 

Would you like to experience this shift for yourself?

You can.  I'm going to be completely honest with you.  It does not happen overnight.  I didn't wave a magic wand and suddenly everything was okay.  However, I did set an intention for myself, and stayed committed to the desired result. Imagine the joy of living the life that you actually have been dreaming and creating materializing before your very eyes.

The truth is, it was there far before I really saw it.  I was living the life I had imagined, but I was so stuck in believing it had to show up in a particular way that I missed what was in front of me!  Are you doing that, too?

Let's look at the steps that will take you from wishing and dreaming to actually receiving and living - from chasing money to enjoying it:

1.  Set the intention for how you want to feel in your ideal life.

2.  Paint the picture in your mind with words and visuals of what you are doing in your ideal life.

3. Connect to the purpose of why you wake up each day and go to work and make money.

4. Question what is your driving force behind making money.

5.  Heal any negative associations, blame, shame and guilt around money.

6.  Wake up each morning and give thanks and praise to what money is providing for you.

7.  Recognize all the abundance that is in your life right now.

8.  Give yourself permission to receive, accept, and enjoy what is in your life without conditions, guilt or shoulds.

9.  Release the belief that money has to come to you a certain way.

10.  Allow yourself time for creativity, silent meditation, time in nature, and whatever fuels your soul.

11.  Surround yourself with loving, inspirational and accepting people.

12.  See your own value and worth without an association to money.

13.  Love, accept and appreciate who you are at the very core of your being.

14.  Trust that the universe and/or divine love has your back and supports you.

15.  Choose to believe in the goodness of life and of yourself.

16.  Let go of limiting thoughts, words, actions and beliefs that keep you stuck in poverty or victim mode.

17.  Know that you are part of something bigger than just yourself.

18.  Give the best of what you got and who you are every day.

19.  Dwell in the realm of possibilities fueled by the limitless and guided by limits.

20.  Be present in every moment with joy, love, acceptance and gratitude.

Wow, you may be thinking.  How do I even begin?  How do I keep it going?  Is it even possible?


TUNE INTO YOUR INNER KNOWING AND CONNECTION TO SOURCE.  Allow it's guidance.  Listen. Follow. Trust.  Be in community.  Seek Support.  Surround yourself with like minded and hearted energy.  Invest in yourself.  Take time for you.  Love yourself.

If you would like support, guidance, community and to be in a place where you feel you belong, click here.  Answer some questions.  Talk with me.  Let's be in this together.  I can help you find your answers, your guidance, your community, your place of belonging, and your sense of self.  The money is here for you - you just need to claim it.  Are you ready to do that?  I sure hope so!!



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