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When Spirit Is Crying For Leaving (Poetry)

There are so many landscapes for us to see

So many places that we can be

Our exploration has just begun

Don’t lock down and miss the fun


It does not have to be this or that

We all know the world is not flat

We have a home that’s always there

We can come and go without any fear


The answer does not need to come now

Nor do we have to figure out how

There are so many variations on the theme

We can open our mind to any scheme


Stop trying to put yourself in a box

Tap into the cunning and sly spirit of fox

Spread your wings and let yourself fly

Follow your spirit and don’t ask why


Each breath is new as is each day

It’s time for you to write and play

As wide as the sky and deep as the sea

Your soul is bursting with memory


Awaken the puma that sleeps within

Loosen your grip and shed that old skin

Your heart is ablaze with celestial delight

So free your spirit, it’s time to take flight

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