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Your Solar Chakra – Confidence, Personal Power, and Personality

solar chakraIn the past two posts we’ve looked at issues of safety, survival, boundaries, emotions, relationships and pleasure as they relate to your first and second chakras or energy centers.  We can gleam so much information about our lives and ourselves by understanding the issues that are represented by our chakras.

We began this series with the root chakra, and then explored the sacral chakra. Today we delve into your third energy center, your Solar Chakra.

Your seven energy centers are:


The pchakrashysical location of your solar chakra is at your abdomen. Your stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, spleen, adrenal glands, and mid spine are the associated body parts.

Your solar chakra is associated with personality and will power, self- esteem and personal identity. This is the area of assertiveness, intuition, and inner drive. This area controls digestion and the metabolic systems that processes the energy needed to overcome inertia and apathy, and get us moving from our stuck status.  It is from this chakra that we assert our personal power, follow our gut instincts, take risks and make decisions. It is where we feel self-respect, confidence, and decisiveness.

As a speaker, when I explain the wisdom that our bodies hold, I teach the audience how to check in with their bodies for a “yes” or “no.”  Once they have established their responses, I ask them to focus on a goal they want to accomplish.  Then I ask them to ask themselves if they really believe that they can have this, and muscle test as I have shown them.  95% of the audience receives a “no” response.  This indicates that although in their rational cognitive mind they believe it, their unconscious mind does not.  Looking where there are imbalances or stuck energy in your chakras can help move you in the direction of both of your minds agreeing.

Clearing the energy in your lower 3 chakras helps you to feel more grounded and trust your intuition.  I often find with my clients that the lack of trust they have for their gut instincts or intuitive knowing is from blocks in their lower chakras.  Once we clear the energy there, it allows more movement to the higher energy centers so that there is balance between the lower physical chakras and higher spiritual ones.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you have any stuck energy in your sacral chakra.

1.            Where do you feel worthy and adequate in your life – work, relationships?
2.            Where do you feel inferior in your relationships and in your work?
3.            Do you tend to be responsible or give that responsibility away or take on responsibility for others?
4.            When do you find yourself being aggressive and/or defensive?  How does this serve you?
5.            In what areas do you struggle with self-control?  Where do you exercise discipline?
6.            Where do you feel powerless? When did this first begin?
7.            When do you most feel that you are in your power and feeling confident?

Tomorrow we will explore your heart chakra.

Meditations to Balance Your ChakrasIf you would like to begin today

to clear, balance, and heal your chakras,

you can get started with this series of 5 minute meditations for each chakra.

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  1. Mao
    Hi I I struggle whith 2 things: 1) sleep 2) find and attract a mate. Is there anything you can do for me? I am a man who is 45
    • Absoultely. <a href="http://lifeinthespirituallane.com/work-with-me/" rel="nofollow">First we should have an initial consultation,</a> and then we can take it from there!
  2. i want to ask about me i always confuse in my identity who i am and personality .dont take decision on.my own and dependent to others.what i do
    • it is important for you to ground your energy so you can root in your own truth. Have you begun to do the daily set your day for success meditations? They will help you with that. Also, grounding and clearing energy in all your chakras is important.

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