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I am happy to offer several different resources to assist you in more holistic, spiritual, energetic and healthy living.  Some are from me, and others from people I support and trust.  May your lifestyle, relationships and health be as joyous and fulfilling as you envision.


Set of 3 Meditations to ground, affirm and intention 

EFT Tapping Points / How To Tap

Use these videos to guide you in tapping on many different topics

Find Freedom and Inner Peace with these two forgiveness exercises: Soul Letter  -  Ho' oponopono

Chakra Cleansing Meditation


Meditations to balance your chakras (energy centers) for optimal emotional, physical, relational, financial and spiritual health

Meditations to prepare your mind, body and spirit for optimal, purposeful and intentional results in your life, business, health and relationships 

Self-study audio and visual course to explore the wisdom of your chakras (energy centers of your body.) Learn to listen to the wisdom of your body, emotions, and spirit by understanding what your chakras communicate to you. Break free from lineage, tribal, familial, and cultural ties that keep you from living your own truth. 

Lay the foundation of an active meditation practice with audios, and a community of live support and guidance

Explore a healthy relationship with real food, nutrition education and holistic living with Erin Holt Health- Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Mentor 

Receive intuitive guidance from a uniquely created piece of art by Beth Frede of Creative Revelations. Learn 12 ways to say no, and many creative ways to access your own intuition

Read books or listen to audios of what I have read, have inspired, supported and guided me on my own spiritual warrior path to physical, emotional, mental, relational, financial and spiritual health.  I am always updating this list

Want to schedule a session or work with Cheri, but not sure what is the best option? Then let's chat. Request a 20 minute consultation to help you decide which way to go or if we are a great fit