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Relationships Are Everything

Love Begins With You

Relationships come in many shapes and sizes. Families, spouses, exes, blended families, friendships, co-workers, employees, bosses and children all claim your energy and time. You are the center of all your relationships, so that is the most important one to develop.

Having a strong spiritual connection with your source will make all the difference in feeling joy, vitality, and connected.  Love begins with you. You attract and experience relationships that mirror what you believe and how you feel inside about what you deserve.

Shifting your energy, core beliefs, unconscious vows and family patterns can have profound effects in your relationships. Breaking the chain of past negative experiences empowers you to create fulfilling and happy relationships in your life.

Knowing what is most important to you,  setting healthy boundaries, respectful communication are all key elements to healthy relationships.  Allowing yourself to receive as well as to give also supports better relationships.

Family Dynamics

Family relationships can be some of the most challenging to deal with.  Often your siblings and parents easily push your buttons, causing you to be reactive and take things personally.

Exasperation, sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, disappointment and shame are all emotions that can consume you when it comes to your family.  You can free yourself from this cycle.  Instead of wishing everyone else around you would change, simple changes in your own thinking, energy and actions can do wonders.

I have helped mothers gain perspective on how their energy and beliefs toward their children was actually harming the relationship between them, driving their children farther away rather than closer.  I have also helped many to make sense of their relationships with their parents, as well as repair dissonance between one or more siblings.

Happy, healthy relationships don’t just happen. 

No matter how much you love your partner, keeping your relationship exciting and fulfilling takes conscious effort and commitment. Family obligations, career issues, and financial concerns often cause you to put your marriage and yourself too far down on your list of priorities, which can result in a damaged relationship that can take years to rebuild. By giving your marriage – and your partner – the attention it deserves, you can enjoy a long and loving relationship.

Relationships Are My Thing

Years ago, my professional success took its toll on my personal life. I lost sight of what was important to me and lost touch with my own truth, trying to be someone I thought I "should" be.

Because I worked long hours and took my work home with me, I ended up missing out on so much of my children’s lives. The sad truth was, I felt more validated and appreciated at work than at home.

I was so busy making money so I could give my children all that money could buy. Unfortunately, I cheated them of some foundational family time and of a  mother who was present and available, more times than I care to remember. I also cheated myself of connection and time with those precious beings which is something that deep down I really wanted.

Twice divorced, I am grateful to be happily married now.

My family of origin has been a roller coaster road of pain that is now filled with love, acceptance and forgiveness.

I know a thing or two about blended families and the challenges and triumphs that are possible.

What I have discovered is that when it comes to relationships there are none more important than the one you have with yourself. You are the common denominator in all relationships. The early relationships of your childhood form the basis for all subsequent relationships. You have a choice to break the chains of unconscious learning and create a vision that supports who you are at your soul.

I now enjoy wonderful relationships in every area of my life because I took the time to heal, grow, face some hard truths, take responsibility for my life and the conditions of my relationships and learn from all of it as well as make amends.

This is your life, so take time to heal old wounds, create a positive healthy vision for relationships, and learn new tricks of being present and living from divine love. Your inner wisdom knows these answers, but sometimes you need someone to hold that space for you to look. That is all part of Life In The Spiritual Highway.  Will you join me? 


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