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Tappy Break – Episode 38 – Gift of Presence

TB 38 Gift of Presence)

Are you always rushing from one thing to the next, or while you are doing one thing thinking of all the other things you are not doing?

Do you often feel distracted and not able to ground and be present with the people, projects or situations in front of you? Are you often distracted and not giving  your full attention?


Years ago, that was me!  No matter what I was doing, I was somewhere else in my mind.  I missed many moments with my children.  I only half listened to what they were saying and always rushing them so we could get to the next thing.  Oh how I would love those moments back.

Instead I learned from them.  I set an intention years ago, to be present in all I do.  It took some major conscious attention as wells as lots of chakra clearing, energy healing, and tapping. Thankfully when you set an intention, the means for it to happen become more visible to you.

When I found my mind or attention wandering, I would simply say to myself, "Be here now."  The truth is where else could I be?

Recently I was in a situation that I would not have been able to handle a year ago.  Fortunately, forgiveness - another #TappyBreak episode, grounding, surrounding myself with light, and setting an intention of being present made the difference.

Being present means giving your full attention without attachment to an outcome or reactions or desires.  It is just being.  You are.  It is so freeing and such an amazing feeling when you can be there.

Learning to be truly present has changed all my relationships in a positive way.  I am more productive in all that I do. I enjoy so much more of my life and my work.

Thankfully I have helped hundreds of others to reach this state too.

So today.  Set the intention to become present in all that you do. Let's get it started or take it to another level with #TappyBreak!  Embrace the Art of Presence. If you would like further support then #tappybreak video, click here and we can talk.  I have lots of options to share with you.

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