Plunge Deep To Discover Your Own Pearl


The Pearl that we all seek, the Supreme Reality is remembering who we are at our soul level. Finding joy, love and fulfillment from within our center, not from outside validation. Yet, that is where we all seek to feel valued – outside of ourselves. We were taught that from birth, learning the way of those who raise us, run our states, churches, schools and countries.

They impose on us a need to seek approval to feel valued, important and loved. They impose their idea of fame on us – their “shoulds” as they see it. How many have sacrificed their own happiness to do what parents or other authority figures demanded of them?

All too often parents see their own value through the success of their children. They project themselves whether failure or success onto their children. They judge their value through the perceived success of their children. We seek fame and fortune – acceptance and love outside of ourselves to erase the shame we feel, the lack of not being good enough, not measuring up. But who’s vision are we attempting to live?

Fame comes in many forms. For some it is the big house, fancy car, and high-ranking position. For others it is from being on television, flashed across billboards, magazine covers and filling stadiums with adoring fans. Others seek fame in how much they can do for others, not because it satisfies them and comes from love, but because they seek approval. Underneath it all the fame we seek is love and acceptance.

What Rumi tells us is to plunge deep within ourselves. Connect to the oneness and greatest of the divine which lives in all of us. The love we seek is already here. The fame we seek lies within us. What’s on the shore is only a spec to the depth of what lies within

I implore you. See you. See that you are complete. See that you are enough. See that you are love. Then live, work, and play from that vision. Find the pearl that is hidden in your heart. It is there already. You do not need to earn it, just uncover it.

Once you see this, you are free.

Terrible destruction dances and the world's days darken.
If you want Supreme Reality, hide from fame.
You're looking for the Pearl? Plunge, now to the sea's bottom.
What's on the shore is only foam.

- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
(Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)

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