If you would like to create a life, health and relationships that serve your highest good, you have landed in the right place.  My innovative and spiritual approach offers practical and intuitive guidance for breaking down the barriers to health, happiness and love.

Reveal what is deep within you - your soul.  It's been hidden, covered and ignored for so long and it's time to remove the layers of conditioning, limits, fear, doubt, family programming, generational cords, past life trauma to reveal the brilliance of your truth and live in harmony with your soul's desires.

When you tune into your soul's truth, and live from there, your world will expand into an even more loving and joyful place and will continue to do so, growing more beautiful and expansive each day. Your health, relationships and lifestyle will improve.

If you are ready to embark on Life In The Spiritual Lane for lifestyle, relationships and health that are filled with success and happiness. then click here to get started with a conversation with me or select from the Individual Sessions.

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All sessions are offered by phone, video, or in office 

Personalized Mentoring 

For those who are ready to awaken to the divine power within you, see who you really are, and live in harmony with your soul’s desire and want a personalized and custom experience. 

Group Mentoring and Mastermind

For those who are ready to awaken to the divine power within you, see who you really are, and live in harmony with your soul’s desire while enjoying the collaborative benefit of community, working through the chakras and cultivating their intuition for a happiness, health, and confidence.

Individual Sessions

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Stella and CheriCheri Valentine is a one-woman life support system for entrepreneurs. I had landed myself in the hospital last fall, with one of those strange illnesses that didn't quite make sense. Instinctively, I knew that the root of my trouble wasn't physical, it was emotional and spiritual. I needed to clean up some things in my life. One of my friends suggested that I work with Cheri -- so I hired her on the spot, not exactly knowing what I was getting myself into. I'm so glad that I did.

I let go of a bunch of old stories that were holding me back in my life and my business, and rooted into myself in a powerful new way. I highly recommend working with Cheri to every entrepreneur who wants to shed their own internal limitations to success. She's flippin' awesome... and she really helped me move forward rapidly, without a lot of hooplah or fluff. ~ Stella Orange - http://stellaorange.com/

andrea-lyons-head-shotWith an MBA and four successful businesses under my tiara, I know the daily challenges, concerns and joys entrepreneurs go through while raising their business. Acquiring strong business skills are key to creating a successful outcome for any endeavor. Equally important are the strong mind set skills needed to weather the ups and downs of growing a business. That's why I work with Cheri Valentine, and why I highly recommend you do, too.
Using her deep knowledge and intuitive understanding of energy healing and tapping, Cheri helps you dissolve those negative stories of doubt and fear that can seep in during hard times, and she replaces them with the best thoughts and stories specifically tailored for you. She has helped me Tap into my highest potential, freeing me from old beliefs that no longer served me or my business. I especially love the safe space Cheri creates so you can let go and really move forward in your life to "soul-satisfying" success. ~ Ande Lyons - http://andelyons.com/

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