How to Move Past Negative Thinking and Patterns Into the Positive

I've been working an exercise to acknowledge and quiet the negative thinking that was still invading my head space. Since I began to use EFT Tapping 10 years ago, those negative emotional and thought patterns have changed more easily than when I just told myself to think positively. I have been able to change belief systems using EFT.

Energy healingchakra cleansing, and writing Soul Letters have also contributed greatly to the major shifts in my life for the better.  I love to share things with you that have helped my clients and  me on the adventurous road trip called life. 

Do this exercise to  fuel your vision, goals and intentions.

Think about an area of your life you want to change.  Remember the movement for change comes from within the deepest part of our being.  We need to shift the emotions, beliefs and thought that keep us stuck from changing. It is not just a mindset. You must decide and commit from a place deep within your soul - the part of you that is only expansion and joy.

With your desired change in mind, take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.  At the top of the left side write the word "Negative" and on the right side, "Positive."

Under the "Negative" column, list any negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs you have lived with and are now willing to release.

In the "Positive" column, create a new version transposed from the negative version.

Now go back and read the list in the "Negative" column.

As you go back and read your list, notice how you feel and what thoughts surface. Do you feel resistance or contraction?  Do you feel expansion and possibility? Do you feel neutral?  Do you fee like you are really done with this? Just notice without judgment or criticism.

Read your list on the right side, your "Positive" column.  

Again, as you go back and read your list, notice how you feel and what thoughts surface. Do you feel resistance or contraction? Do you feel expansion and possibility? Do you feel neutral?  Do you fee like you got this, can do this, are ready for this?  Just notice without judgment or criticism.

Which statements from your lists will you adopt? 

Answering the questions as you read through your lists will give you clues as to what inner work is calling to you so that you can really be done with your "Negative" List and embrace your "Positive" statements. 


If you would like support after doing this exercise, click here and let me know.  We will schedule a 20 minute virtual coffee or tea visit. I'll ask you questions and offer you suggestions to move forward.

Many thanks to Catherine Ann Jones.  I adapted the above exercise from her course Heal Yourself With Writing from the Daily Om.

If you would like another resource to help you do the inner work to have the emotional freedom to create the happiness, success, health and self love that you deserve, then you'll want to watch this video. with Louise Hay and Nick Ortner. 

If you want to eliminate your negative thinking and negative emotions, watch this video with Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution and The Tapping World Summit. 

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