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Intentional and Purposeful Meditations

Intentional and Purposeful MeditationsTake 5 minutes of focused breathing, clearing, and energizing for optimal results in your business and life. Before diving into networking, meetings or projects, beginning your workday, set the space and intentions for your highest good. Prepare your mind, body and spirit for your best results.

Before beginning a project or your workday, take 5 minutes to be in the best frame of mind and energetic focused place for the best results.

If you are not sure what’s next for you whether for the day or for a project or a new direction, take time to sit quietly and allow guidance and direction to become clear for you.

Before you enter into any networking environment or event, take 5 minutes to set the intention and your energy for the results that you desire. This is a powerful 5 minutes that will yield you amazing results.

Spend 5 minutes at the beginning of every meeting whether in a live or virtual room or conference call to bring everyone into a centered energetic, focus and intention for powerful meetings are productive.

Whether you work in a cubicle, home office, or classroom, it’s worth taking 5 minutes on a regular basis to ground and run energy through your space. You can clear old, stale, negative energy and fill it with light, love, inspiration, joy and any high vibration that you would like to feel in your space.

Become a beacon of energetic light that your ideal clients will be drawn to. In this 5 minutes you will tune into who your perfect client is, send invitation energetically to them, and be centered in confidence knowing that your actions will be inspired by your desire to serve your ideal clients and be prepared for their arrival.

When you have too many things calling for your attention, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and unmotivated to even begin. Tune in for 5 minutes to clearing the overload, focus on what’s important, and know exactly how to get started.

Grab the whole set of mediations for Business Success at once to have an arsenal of guided and inspired moments to fuel your mind, body and spirit with positive and intentional thoughts.