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How Do You Recognize Fear?

I am going to be completely honest with you.  Even with all the energy healing, tapping, coaching and personal work I have done and continue to do, FEAR still shows up.  Fortunately, I know how to recognize it and have tools to handle it.  What I have found to be true for myself, my colleagues and my clients is that each time we step up our game, move outside our comfort zone or face a new challenge, fear will show up.

It can be frustrating, because it may be a fear that you have already cleared, worked through or thought you resolved.  AND YOU DID – to the level you were working or vibrating.

So I wanted to ask you, do you recognize fear when it calls to you?  Can you feel it in your body?  Do you hear a familiar stream of conversation running through your mind?  Do you notice that your behavior changes or you are more triggered than usual?

These are all clues that something needs your attention.  This is your intuition or higher self, speaking to you.   When you choose to listen, you can save yourself so much frustration and even allow things to flow more effortlessly.

Since I have decided to cultivate this relationship with my inner guidance, life has become even more joyful, healthy and abundant.  I am experiencing more ease and grace, and I would love for you to experience this too.  I have learned to balance between my logic and intuition. I know how to differentiate between a purity of truth that benefits my highest good, and old beliefs, thought patterns, and fear.

So I will share with you how I am recognizing and managing my most recent visit from FEAR, so that you too can begin this journey toward trusting your inner wisdom and guidance.

My body speaks to me – well actually it is spirit speaking through my body.  It tried very hard to get my attention more gently, and I wasn’t paying attention.   Now I do. I have also cultivated a relationship with my body to help me know when things are a “yes” or a “no” for me.  I teach others how to do this.  You can learn it too.  It has been invaluable in feeling confident in moving forward, making decisions and saying no.  Our bodies do not lie.  They are connected to source and spirit.  When we learn to access that spirit and listen, we will be guided toward choices for our highest and best. You can learn to access answers by tuning into your body, seeing visuals, using kinesiology and pendulums.  These methods work well for questions with a yes or no answer.  It is important to be clear with the question and the result you are seeking.

So what does all this have to do with fear? 

Recently, I discovered that fear shows up in my body resembling my “no”.  I had not made this distinction before.  I noticed there is a subtle difference between “fear” and “no” in communicating with me. For me, I realized they closely resemble each other because fear is a way of saying “no” in an attempt to keep me safe – safe from failure, from making a mistake, and from stepping outside of my comfort zone.  Do you know how you recognize fear?  Start paying attention – and you will soon know for sure.

An opportunity for me to rent space in a couple of existing businesses presented themselves.  Although, I have often thought I would like to practice out of an office, it was not something I had planned on doing anytime soon. Yet, spirit was nudging me toward this move letting me know it was time.  If I did not have the spiritual practice in place that I do, if I had not learned to recognize spirit or intuition speaking to me, and if I had not learned to trust this inner guidance, I may not have recognized it for what it is. I may also have allowed all the fear to win.

I also discovered that when things flow easily into place, it is a sign of affirmation.   However, I still have old fearful thoughts kick up with, “This is too easy.  Something must be wrong. “  This is and old belief that belongs to someone else that I took on as my own – until I began to create a new belief and the experiences to reinforce it, that things can be easy and when things flow effortlessly it is a sign that this is right for me.

I am grateful to my friends, colleagues and my husband who supported me through the fear and the decision-making, asking me questions, helping me run the numbers, tuning into to their own intuition on my behalf, and helping me face the fear.  They helped me bridge the gap between the logic and fear with intuition and trust.

So even though there is still some fear trickling through, I took the leap. I am going to trust all the signs that are showing me this is right. I am very grateful and excited to share with you that I have joined the team at Starry Brook Natural Medicine in Exeter, NH effective, October 1, 2013. It’s official and its real. My son, Brian and husband, Burt moved my things in. We will be fine tuning some details in the coming weeks, yet I am there now with a full schedule of classes, workshops, Tappy Hour and private sessions for tapping, chakra healing, intuitive readings and relationship coaching.  I am still offering distant healing, phone and Skype sessions as well as in office sessions.

I am excited to continue serving you in your quest for love, great relationships, accessing your inner wisdom, vibrant health (mind, body, and spirit) and stepping into and expressing your powerful self.

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  1. To be sincere I just don't know why I've been ignoring my intuition and giving my fears a chance to showcase themselves. I never used to be like this before I tune in. Pls can you help me to completely do away with my fears and insecurities?
    • I can help you eliminate the fear. First we should have an initial consultation, and then we can take it from there! <a href="http://lifeinthespirituallane.com/services/" rel="nofollow">Or you can schedule an chakra/energy healing session. </a>

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