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Heart Chakra – Expression of True Partnership and Love

heart chakraSo far in this series, you’ve learned about your lower three chakras – the root, sacral, and solar chakras and what information they hold for you.  Today we will explore the heart chakra, the bridge between the lower three chakras (physical) and higher three chakras (spiritual.)

Your seven energy centers (chakras) are:

It is from your heart chakra that you trust in the goodness of life. It represents compassion, selfless love, personal love, universal love, your capacity to feel, express yourself emotionally, and to participate in true partnerships where both partners are equally powerful and vulnerable. Your heart chakra is where you process and store emotional experiences. The heart chakra speaks of “we” instead of “me.” You begin to experience the unity of life rather than the separateness. You see joy and kindness everywhere and therefore experience it.

The physical lhttp://www.dreamstime.com/-image1694460ocation of your heart chakra is in the center of your chest and its associated body parts are heart, breast, lungs, diaphragm, ribs, chest, thymus, circulatory system, shoulders, arms, and hands. The basic issues of your heart chakra are love, compassion, kindness, relationships, self-acceptance, forgiveness, hope, sympathy, and empathy.

Women are often conditioned to believe that if you are powerful and successful with money and career (second chakra issue) you will not be loved and lose out on intimacy (heart chakra.)  Also, women have also been taught that to be loved you must care for others needs, usually at your own expense. When a woman neglects her own needs caring for others, proving self-worth at work and at home, and does things from obligation and guilt, she becomes more susceptible to disease.

Women are loved for the care they provide; and men for the financial support they provide. Clearly, this is no longer the norm, and so men and women at are a historic crossroads as you learn how to renegotiate these inherited partnership and intimacy belief and behaviors. Yet many are suffering from closed heart chakras.  For several reasons, many have learned to shut down or close off their hearts to protect themselves, yet in reality this protection costs them so much more.

It is important to examine where you are closing yourself from receiving and giving love fully.  Remember that the energy flows up, so as you clear your lower chakras it allows for more openness in your heart chakra.  The chakras are related, so you may find issues following each of your chakras from different levels.  The more you clear, the more vibrant and healthy you feel.  You also will experience a deep and connecting love to others when you forgive and open your heart.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you have any stuck energy in your heart chakra.

1.            Are you able to be open and honest about your feelings with another person?
2.            How much love do you feel for yourself?
3.            Can you be detached enough to let your loved ones be themselves?
4.            Can you be true to your feelings in a relationship without sacrificing or losing your sense of self?
5.            Are you able to forgive others and yourself?
6.            How do you equate power and money with love?
7.            Are you able to receive gifts, appreciation, and love from others?
8.            Do you have self-respect? Do you have respect for others in your life?

Next you will discover your throat chakra.

Meditations to Balance Your ChakrasIf you would like to begin today

to clear, balance, and heal your chakras,

you can get started with this series of 5 minute meditations for each chakra.

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  1. Kathryn McKinney
    I have to share my experience with reading your information on the Chakra's. I began with simply researching and happened upon your blog. I was drawn to reading your blog because you explained how to recognize the different Chakra in every day life situations and circumstances. As I read I began to 'see' more clearly how to identify different emotions, mental patterns and intentions through my Chakra. I had a specific experience that has awakened more questions. I shared my emotions and my perspective of a certain family situation with my partners daughters and ever since I think through speaking my truth I began to realize deep wounds that caused blockages in my heart and throat Chakra's. I have had a small pain in my heart and a small sore throat since the discussion. I have been meditating on the deep emotional responses to all I shared and trying to release the pain. My question is this; is this the next step? I have all these emotions brought to the surface now but I don't know what to do with them. I thank you for your blog it is truly amazing.
    • Hi Kathryn. Thank you for sharing your experience. Hopefully you have found answers from other posts on my blog. There are many things that you can do. It is so important to have a safe way to express these emotions. Writing is always a great option. This blog offers you a solution: http://lifeinthespirituallane.com/soul-letter/ EFT Tapping always helps! http://lifeinthespirituallane.com/eft-tapping-points/ Have you tried using the chakra meditations on this site. I would also suggest a private session so that you have safe and compassionate person guiding to let it all go.

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