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Making Health a Priority

Think of your health as a wheel with many spokes that contribute to physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health, creating harmony or disharmony in your body. Thoughts, emotions, stress, environment, toxins, family programming and generational conditioning all contribute. You can move beyond limitations in your health by choosing to make it a priority, adding and releasing what's necessary for you to feel great.

My own path to health and wellness has been challenging.  I personally have experienced how many things contribute to healthy bodies, minds, and spirits.

On the flip side, I have also seen how repressed emotions, poor eating, a stifled spirit, unhealthy environments, intuitively taking on others pain, and unmanaged stress contributed to depression, illness, and autoimmune disease.

I am a living example of how addressing and integrating healthier options into my life has improved my overall health.  I am happy to share them with you, support you in embracing them for yourself.

I’ve using traditional and alternative medicine, included energy work, spiritual practices, meditation, yoga, and exercise to boost my health. I've adopted a lifestyle that is joyful, focused on improving the relationship I have with spirit, the people in my life and most importantly myself. Food was next. I had to change what I ate and the skincare products I was using.

Little by little I made changes and shifts and you can too. It’s not easy, yet it is so worth it. You learn to tune inward, listen to your body and to your spirit. You set an intention for vibrant health, then you make choices to support this. You take care of yourself.

I did not do it alone, and neither should you. It is easier to have someone hold space with you, to challenge you, nudge you, and help you release what is keeping you from being as healthy as you choose to be.

Ready to embark on your journey to wholeness and health? Join me for your adventure with life in the spiritual lane.

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