The First Time They Met (poetry)

She noticed the way he walked

A bit of a slant to his tall body

Long lean legs that strode easily

When he looked at her and said Hello

His face broke into a wide easy smile

His eyes danced with merriment or was it hope

Her smile came easily too

As she returned the greeting

She had to look up to meet his smile

They had both come from a sweaty yoga room

Each practicing for their own reasons

They spoke in the lobby for some time

Finally agreeing to meet for coffee

How had they missed each other

At a mutual favorite coffee stop

They exchanged calling cards

His first professional CD of music

Her first published article in a magazine

Then she remembered

She had seen him months before

As she ran in for coffee and hot chocolate

His music playing in the bistro

It wasn’t time for them to meet then

Now they were both ready


Cover Photo Gratitude to © Absolut_photos | - Couple smile

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