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Living Life Open to the Experience Instead of Driven by Destination

She trembled with excitement. So much possibility lay before her. It had always been there; she just had not realized or seen it. Now she did.

So many roads to choose and none of them wrong. Each one would lead her somewhere. She was more interested in the experience at this juncture in her life than the destination.

I found this hidden in my daily pages this morning. It is the beginning of a piece of fiction. Yet it caught my attention as some direction for living life. Even with my intention to be present, be more in the flow of life, let go of so many attachments, I still find it challenging.

As I read the first two paragraphs, I know deep in my soul, that’s how I want to be living my life.

Yet I still catch myself holding onto an idea, a belief, or a way it should be. I am so accustomed to judging things as failure or success, right or wrong, good or bad, purpose or frivolous – destination.

I still have ingrained in me that I have to be do something for a purpose, an end result, to be of service, or for monetary value. Part of my value system is to work hard, make money and take care of others. If I am not doing that, than I am failing or worthless.

It’s a tough belief system to break through, yet one I am challenging and shifting with continuous intention and attention.

While everyone out there is touting to reach for epic and massive, to expand past your fears to go after what you want, to dream big, what if you are perfectly happy with who and where you are now?

I remember being fueled and driven by epic, massive, big, more  for a very long time - most of  my life, actually.

Yet I am in a very different space now, have been for some time. I am actually living the life I envisioned, that I have wanted.  I am not looking for epic.  I am enjoying enough.

So what if you are not looking for epic or massive?

What if your lesson is in this lifetime is not about big and more?

What if reclaiming the feminine energy personally and globally is more important to you?

What if you want to simplify, enjoy less, be more in experience than to create something bigger?

Isn’t that just as valuable and viable an option?

This is not to take away from those of you who are stretching for massive or epic. However, doesn't this same theory apply to you as well? Would you not benefit more from also being in the experience and willing to navigate differently if the destination isn't quite what you wanted or had hoped it would be?

Here are some questions for you:

Are you being driven from a feeling of lack to go big?

Do you feel pressured by comparing yourself to others?

Are you feeling expansive and excited with your vision and your life?

Are you trying to prove your worth and value to someone, and if so, who?

Allow your answers to guide you truthfully.  Let passion, self-worth, permission and joy be your compass for whatever vision you hold - big or small.

map and gps© Stephen Vanhorn | Dreamstime.com - GPS or Map

As I read the first two paragraphs again, I begin to ask another question, “What if the destination changes as you are open to your experiences?”

What if you thought you wanted to end up in one place and when you got there it felt all wrong? It wouldn’t be wrong if it was part of the experience rather than a final landing place.

What if you used the experience to recalibrate and choose to continue on in the same manner or make some changes without judgment, and instead with acceptance and love?

I love this! It is so freeing for me to think this way. What about you? Does it feel free and expansive or uncomfortable and scary?

Your answer is not right or wrong; it is simply awareness. What you do with this feeling and realization is up to you. It depends on your intentions, your beliefs, your fears, your limits, and your thinking.

I love that we always have a choice to accept, challenge or shift any of these.

I know there is something yearning in my soul to be created. My spirit is urging me, yet my ego often wants to rush me.  I will know when its time and when I am ready,  and then with love and nurturing, it will be born.  This is a departure from my old way of thinking, being and doing.

So in the meantime, I show up for things that call to me, feel good, bring me joy, guide my direction and also serve in some way. I strive to live in the experience and with no destination in mind. Patience, trust, and spirit have been trying so hard to be my companions. I am learning to gratefully accept their friendship.

I have set some intentions – mini destinations – and continue along those roads. Sometimes it does help to have a road map to get you going.

I love looking at a paper map to get a sense of the big picture and landscape. Then when I want to get somewhere, I love to have the step-by-step navigation system. I also love knowing that I can course correct, change direction, or explore alternatives.

That’s the life I am endeavoring to live. Will you join me?

I often fall short. Fortunately, I have lots of teachers to remind me when I am not in flow or in the experience. My body is one of them. People that I love are another. Situations also present themselves for my spiritual growth, if I choose to see it this way.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you agree or disagree with me?

Thanks to © Skypixel | Dreamstime.com - Road with highway sign for the picture used in the title.


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