Energetic, Intuitive & Coaching Sessions


EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping is an energy psychology technique that optimizes your emotional health, reduces stress and anxiety, aids in the healing of injuries and weight loss.

energy - chakra healing

vibration tuneup

A relaxing experience where your chakras (energy centers) are cleared, filled with healing light to raise your vibration and balanced

spiritual, life and-or relationship coaching

Spiritual, Relationship & Life Coaching

Develop healthier and more meaningful experiences and learn how to identify solutions that can permanently improve your quality of life, health, relationships and connection to spirit.

intuitive reading

Intuitive Phone Reading

By reading the information in your chakras and body, Cheri can help you discover where you may be blocked in your life and identify issues that need your attention.

past life regression

Past life regression

Cheri safely guides you to remember experiences from past lives that are affecting where your life is not working and recreating a new vibrational experience for your present and future.

soul retrieval

soul retrieval

Cheri guides you on a personal journey to discover when you lost parts of your soul and gather back your missing pieces to recreate a new dynamic for your future.