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Guided JourneyEmail ReadingIntuitive ReadingSoul Retrieval

Guided Journey

In this session, Cheri will help you create and hold sacred space. She will lead you in a guided meditative journey to meet one of your guides and receive the guidance that you seek. Instructions to book your session are provided on your purchase receipt. Please read it carefully.
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Email Reading

If you have a question or need guidance, in a particular area, you can ask Cheri.  She will tune into her guides to find answers for you and will email you their response.  You will receive your reply with 48 hours of request. Instructions to submit your question to Cheri are provided on your purchase receipt.…
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Intuitive Reading

By reading the information in your chakras and body, Cheri can help you discover where you may be blocked in your life and identify issues that need your attention.  
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Soul Retrieval

Cheri guides you on a personal journey to not only discover when you lost parts of your soul, but also to gather back your missing pieces and recreate a new dynamic for your future with tools and support to help you integrate this more complete version of yourself.  It is very empowering and healing.  
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