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4 Things to Develop An Attitude of Gratitude for Creating A Great Life

choose gratitudeGratitude reminds us of love, the truth of our being. We all beings created from love and joy. Expressing and feeling appreciation reconnects us to the source energy of pure love from which we are all created before fear, judgement, anger, frustrations, dissatisfaction, shame, unworthiness begin to feel real.  The work of the ego thinks that these feelings define who we are and we think it is our reality. So we continue to create lives that prove this is our truth instead of the life we really want of love and happiness.

Expressing gratitude focuses your mind, your thoughts and your vibration to a positive state.  It has been proven that where you focus your attention is what you create in your life.   It helps to establish a practice of gratitude because its easy to stay stuck in your negative thinking patterns without even be aware of it.

The more that you consciously create your life with noticing and affirming all that is right in your world and in the world you see, the more your life will flourish in a way that you are choosing, not unconsciously attracting.

This present moment is creating your future. So create it from love and gratitude.

Now I do realize that it’s not always easy to be thankful and grateful, so I am offering 4 things that you can do to begin shifting your thoughts consciously to one of gratitude and appreciation.

  1. I’ve created a tapping video for those times when you just cannot see the light in a situation.  This video allows you to acknowledge how you really feel about a situation, person or experience and gently nudges you to a different perspective. You can tap with the video by clicking here.
  2. I also have a free 5 minute meditation to help you start or end each day with "An Attitude of Gratitude." Combining tapping with your meditation of gratitude will amplify your results!  You can request your meditations by clicking here. 
  3. Keep a daily journal.  Everyday write 5 things for which you are grateful today. On those days when its a struggle to be in a space of appreciation, reading your entries will lift your spirit, raise your vibration and help put you back on a positive track.
  4. When you see something you like, say, thank you for showing me this. Allow the feeling of joy to permeate your thoughts and your body.  Every time we feel gratitude we reconnect to our true nature of joy and reinforce a positive thought pattern.  The more you do it by choice, the more it will become natural and not require such conscious effort.

Give these a try and let me know how it works for you!

When you download your gratitude meditation, you will also receive a grounding meditation as well as a meditation to guide through setting intentions.

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