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Your Crown Chakra – Divine Connection to Love and Wisdom

crown chakraThe crown chakra symbolizes purity and spirituality. Its function is to open you to the light of spirit, which is connected to Source.  It is your highest energy center, physically located at the top of your head and has the highest rate of vibration. The crown chakra embodies liberation, sharing great knowledge, deep understanding, inner wisdom, and a connection to the highest state of enlightenment and spiritual connection.  It also represents union with the higher self and the divine.

This is the last chakra we’ve discussed in this series, starting at the base with your root chakra and working through each chakra to the top crown chakra.


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The physical location of your crown chakra is just above the top of your head, and its associated body parts are center of the head and the brain. The basic issues of your crown chakra are connection to source or the Divine, Wisdom, intuitive knowing, spiritual development, selflessness, universal higher consciousness, knowledge, understanding, consciousness, meditation, information, paralysis, multisystem disease affecting the muscular or nervous system.

Your attitude, beliefs, faith, values, conscience, courage and humanitarianism have been developed and represented in this chakra. Whether you were raised in a particular faith or none, and how strict the adherence was to that faith will affect this area, and it may take some undoing or searching to embrace the truth of a higher power that lives within and is always accessible to you.

When you experience lack of purpose, loss of meaning in your life, indifference, and depression, your crown chakra may be unbalanced. Your moral and ethical beliefs may be weak and you may have a high attachment to material needs. You may also feel disconnected from nature and the flow of life. You may either have an unquestioning and rigid following of religious dogma or have no spirituality existent in your life or beliefs.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you have any stuck energy in your crown chakra.

1.            Where and when do you experience joy and how often?
2.            Where can you release judgment in your life – toward yourself and others?
3.            When do you feel peaceful?
4.            How often to you take time to be still and quiet or meditate?
5.            Can you see the beauty, sweetness, abundance and joy of your life?
6.            Do you have a clear sense of purpose?
7.            Can you acknowledge that you have the power to create your life while also acknowledging the larger forces of the divine at play?
8.            Do you believe that every experience is an opportunity for growth, development and expansion?
9.            Do you have a ritual or daily practice that helps connect you to your inner wisdom and higher self?



Meditations to Balance Your ChakrasIf you would like to begin today

to clear, balance, and heal your chakras,

you can get started with this series of 5 minute meditations for each chakra.

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