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Creative Revelations

Shed your 'shoulds', find your purpose and LOVE your life again.

Beth Frede belissamaMeet Beth Frede, heart behind Creative Revelations. 

I met Beth several years ago and our souls just sighed with joy. We were instantly connected.   It my sincere pleasure to introduce you to this beautiful woman who is helping many 'lost souls' find their way to purpose and happiness.

Beth and I have been co-creating for years.  She has attended my classes and received energy healing work.  I have participated in several of her intuitive painting workshops. We have helped each other grow by supporting each other and holding loving space for each of our separate journeys.

I reached out to Beth for an intuitive painting.  intuitive painting

"I love my painting and especially the intuitive reading it represents….. Beth totally affirmed what my own inner guidance had been telling me. Her reading represented my own healing and expansion over the past couple of months and she had no idea beforehand that I had embraced it"

Beth tunes into her intuition on your behalf and creates a unique painting for you. Each painting includes a 30-minute interpretation session in person or by phone.

There is way to more to Beth and Creative Revelations and what she can help you do than just art. However if you have a chance to participate in one of her art or intuition workshops, I highly recommend them. CR beth frede logo-479x160

Meet Beth

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From Beth:

"Cheri is a gem! Her intuition development classes taught me not only how to receive intuitive messages, but how to interpret them. She introduced me to a variety of tools and techniques that have enhanced my work as an intuitive artist and life coach.

Cheri infuses her classes with fascinating stories, lots of time to practice techniques, and opportunities to share what we’re discovering, which really helped me to integrate the information in a more comprehensive way. And I especially love how she helped me to clarify and deepen my own unique gifts. Thank you, Cheri!"