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Connecting With Your Intuition

leaves in bloomI  was very reflective and deep in love yesterday morning with life, with the weather, with the moment and with myself.  I wish to share it with you.  

I listened to a meditation on faith, something I can let waiver when it comes to my work. Rather than staying in the flowing dance of faith, I dip low into doubt. Does this happen to you?

I would love for faith to be with me always and I am choosing that now. Faith looks like the angel who often appears to me when working with my clients. It is the color of red poppies. If feels fluid, tingling and light in my body. It sounds like the chirping of morning birds singing their greeting. It smells like the sweet salty ocean air - to me, any way.  I invite you to describe it for yourself.

I sat on my porch steeped in nature, listening to the meditation and just breathing in the beauty of the blossoming trees and plants that bless me daily. Then I moved to the patio to write my almost daily pages, being kissed by the rising sun, receiving its warmth and love, receiving grace from the morning air, receiving hope from the budding green leaves and plants emerging from the dark and cold of winter, reminding me of the circle of life, the ebb and flow and to trust, to have faith in my dreams, my passions, my self and the immeasurable divine support that guides me daily.  

My life is a blessing.  Each breath is a gift.  Each moment to be treasured, lived and enjoyed. 

Tuesday, I was immersed in the joy and love of my sweet granddaughter, Hattie.  She is my little girl friend!  We laugh, bounce, sing, dance, walk, play and enjoy each other all day.  Nothing else is more important when I am with her, except to be totally present in the pure bliss and blessing of that sweet child. 

What a gift that I can choose to spend 2 days with her most weeks, and also support my daughter so she can live her passion. Yet often my thought gremlins show up, pressuring me, yakking at me that I have so much work to do that I haven't completed or started.  I have to remind them that I clearly and lovingly made a choice to live my life fully, enjoy all that I've created, envisioned and prayed to experience - connection, loving relationships, mutual support with my husband, my family, close friends, and my spirit as well as in my business community, and to be present in each moment with love. 

It is so easy for me to get so caught up in all my ideas and all the things I want to create and do to the exclusion of all else. Yet, I know that would stifle my soul not fuel it. My journey is to balance, harmony and allowing my own version of success from within my heart and soul, from my own design. I am still letting go of what I believed it should be.  It's different for everyone.  We are all unique.  Are you clear on what success is for you? I would love to help you clarify that for yourself. 

Yesterday when speaking to a client who has become a great friend, and one of my goddess collaborators, Andrea Hood, I clearly understood that I am an experiential learner - that's how I grow and know. My own struggles with defining my own success from what was fueled by fear and a need to prove versus love, presence and choice have prepared me and continues to guide me so I can be that light and guiding force for others to get real with themselves, with what fuels their passions, desires, choices and vision of success. 

Each day, I challenge the old judgmental voice of conditioning with the loving voice of the present. As I clear and balance my chakras, tap away the critical voices, doubt, beliefs, habits and old patterns, run healing energy, center and surround myself with positive energy and environments, flow and dance with Mother Earth and Father Sky, tune into the elements, breath in the unconditional love that the earth and universe offers to all of us, allow myself to enjoy all that I have and all that I am, then I become more in union with my spirit and my intuition and success.

I am as solid as a tree trunk with its roots connecting me deep to the earth and my love reaches out like the branches in full summer bloom reaching for the sky and all life, inviting those who want to tune into their own inner wisdom and evolution under the safety of these leaves. My love is here. My love is everywhere. We are all one. We are all love. 

Is it time for you to feel this way, too? Find out when the next  Develop Your Intuition Skills  virtual and live one day retreat is! 

Watch this video to learn about the 4 styles of intuition, learn how to turn into your "yes" or "no", and to begin becoming aware of your intuition and how it speaks to you.  

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