Connect Your Heart to The One Heart

Our heart is the connection to source, God, all that is, the Oneness of Everything. The vibration of love, joy and and higher is felt in our heart. Heaven is a feeling and a connection and is very real in our everyday lives. It is now.

Allow your mind to open and expand to all the heart knows. Connect to your guides, angels, archangels animal spirits, masters and collective energy of sources to guide, bless, protect you and help you remember what you know at your soul level. Heaven is two short steps from your heart to your mind.

Each time a piece of your old limiting, critical, judgmental ego dies, your heart grows closer to The Heart.  Each lifetime that your body expires, your soul travels thorugh the levels of Heaven as your remember who you are, the contracts you make and the lessons you wish to learn until you no longer need to inhabit a body.

Your soul is always free. Your heart is always with Heart.  It is for you to remember this.  Our connection to Heaven is here and now and is always with us.

All of created existence is drunk on the Heart
The entire cosmos is a toy in Its hands.
All the nine levels of the spheres of Heaven
Are only two short steps for the Heart.

- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
(Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)

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