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Why Change Is So Hard And How To Make It Easier

Bikram Yoga Portsmouth and Bikram Yoga Epping hosted a 90 day challenge for people who wanted to make some positive changes in their life, get out of their rut, set some healthy goals, and deepen their spiritual practice. The studio owners wanted people to succeed, so they included 2 additional resources as part of the challenge. In addition to practicing yoga 4 times each week, the challengers had to attend 1 tapping session per week with me and also receive nutritional guidance and education from Erin Holt Health

We just finished Week 9 in the Commit to 90 Challenge and the participants are noticing big changes.  It is not easy to make changes, yet with the support of EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka Tapping, these yogis are doing it!

How about you?  Are you trying to make changes in your life? Have you tried in the past, yet failed? You committed to something that you wanted.  You knew it was time. You thought you were ready. You had every intention to stick with it, and yet once again, it didn't happen. You are not alone.

It is so hard to make lasting and sustainable change, which is why tapping was a mandatory part of the challenge – to help the participants  stick with their goals.

Here's why it is so hard to change with just the intention alone.

You HAVE TWO MINDS and they are often not on the same page - A CONSCIOUS MIND and an UNCONSCIOUS MIND


This is the mind you know.  The mind from which you set goals, decide where you want to live, retrieve information such as dates and plans.  It’s the mind that gives you the ability to analyze information.  It’s the mind from which you think that determination and will power is enough to change things about yourself and your life.

This is the mind where once you’ve learned something it stays. It is the storehouse for the habitual actions, those things that have become habits like brushing your teeth.  It also houses muscle and body memory, which is why you can walk and move without thinking.

It stores all habits and lessons - the good and the bad. It stores all memories, most of which you cannot remember. Yet what you learned from those experiences is still contributing to your everyday life.

Scientific research has shown that the conscious mind runs at 5% the capacity of the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is the filing system for all your experiences.  It is a database full of programming and beliefs. THIS mind runs 95% of your daily thoughts. It is far more powerful in running your daily life. 

This is the mind that houses most of what you are not consciously aware of existing.  

This is the mind that has picked up several beliefs that may be undermining many of your attempts at change. 

You are not conscious or aware of this programming until you start to go looking for those beliefs that underpin how you experience a situation.

When you are struggling in any capacity in your life, or not reaching goals you set, it’s time to go in search of what lies underneath the surface – your subconscious.

Enter EFT (tapping)

Research proves that tapping has a positive effect on rewiring the brain.  EFT brings together the ancient wisdom of the east regarding energy in the body with modern psychology and neurology.

In the past 8 weeks, the Commit to 90 Challengers have been experiencing the profound effects of tapping on the endpoints of the meridian system while calling to mind events from the past, and more importantly, their feelings around those events. Then verbalize their feelings while tapping until the charge of the emotion is eliminated. The power of community and borrowed benefits from each other contributes to the group experience.

I think many of the tappers have been surprised at the negative messaging and beliefs they have been holding, and finding great relief in all areas of their lives.  It has also helped them stay on track with their yoga practice.

With tapping, you repeat positive phrases that initially you may not quite believe,  yet the repetition helps to create new neural pathways in your conscious and subconscious minds so you begin to see things in a new light.   You have a fresh perspective that is not being run by the negative programming, overwhelming emotions and beliefs.  You begin to believe more positive things about yourself from the subconscious level – the 95%.

Bringing It Home

So let's say you set a goal.  Your conscious mind wants to see success.  However, you may have stored in your subconscious mind, a belief that it's not safe for you to change. So you will sabotage your efforts, unwittingly.  You are protecting yourself.

Even though your conscious mind says you want it, your subconscious mind says no, it's not safe.  We can't let this happen.  5% versus 95%.  Staying safe is winning.

Of course, you are not aware of this.  Instead of beating yourself up, understand that you have created adaptive behavior to stay safe.  See this disconnect as a puzzle that needs solving.

With tapping, you are able to piece together the puzzle, release the emotions and beliefs around the issue that contributed to or began the adaptive behavior.  You rewire your minds - the conscious and subconscious to be of one mind - to one of feeling safe in making the change.

Now your subconscious mind can support your conscious mind and its desires.


Use this guide to start using EFT to help support you in your goals.

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