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Chakra Wisdom With EFT Courses

Each of them courses include AUDIO and WRITTEN lessons leading teaching you the the information that each energy center or chakra holds.  With guided self-reflection questions and meditations, you will discover where you have inner work to do.

The guided tapping mediations will support you in clearing old and stuck energy that is holding you back, keeping you stuck, unhappy and unhealthy.

Each lessons contains:

downloadable audio and downloadable pdf guide

The root chakra is associated with our animal instincts of survival and self-preservation – food, shelter, health and security. It is the very foundation of our being and our identity.

The sacral chakra’s focal points are your emotions, sexuality, creativity, pleasure, well-being, relationships and abundance. It represents your ability to go with the flow – grace and acceptance and allowing yourself to enjoy your life and achievements. It is from this chakra that you feel self-respect, confidence, and decisiveness.

The solar chakra is associated with personality and will power – self- esteem and personal identity. This is the area of assertiveness, intuition, and inner drive.

The fourth chakra is the bridge between the lower three lower (physical) and three higher (spiritual) chakras. It represents compassion, selfless love, personal love, universal love, your capacity to feel, express yourself emotionally, and to participate in healthy partnerships.

The fifth chakra is associated with sound, creative self-expression, speech and communication, will and timing. The ability to speak honestly, to receive, process and assimilate information, and to connect and speak to your inner truth are related to the throat chakra.

The brow chakra also referred to, as The Third Eye chakra is associated with sight, both intuitively and physically, and is related to perception, thought, and morality. It is through this chakra that we are able to tune in to the inner wisdom and guidance from our higher self and the divine.

The crown chakra symbolizes purity and spirituality. Its function is to open you to the light of spirit, which is connected to Source. It is your highest energy center, physically located at the top of your head and has the highest rate of vibration.

Save money and have access to all 7 courses - balancing, clearing, healing all of your main chakra centers.