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4 Things to Develop An Attitude of Gratitude for Creating A Great Life

Gratitude reminds us of love, the truth of our being. We all beings created from love and joy. Expressing and feeling appreciation reconnects us to the source energy of pure love from which we are all created before fear, judgement, anger, frustrations, dissatisfaction, shame, unworthiness begin to feel real.  The work of the ego thinks…
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Lose Weight For Good Using This Energy Technique

If you have struggled with losing weight and keeping it off, or if you just want to lose a few pounds,  this episode of #tappybreak using EFT will help you begin to shed the stress and the pounds. There are many reasons why we cannot lose weight or keep it off.  This post is not…
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Learn About Your Chakras

Your chakras are energy centers that absorb and hold memory and vibration and regulate your life force. When these centers are blocked sluggish or imbalanced, it can cause you to be stuck in negative patterns of thinking and behavior. Each chakra corresponds to specific areas of your physical bodies, related emotional issues, as well as…
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How To Let Your Intentions Fuel Your Goals

This is from October 2014 and still worth reading and watching! Intentions are the breath of your goals, the wind beneath your wings of flight. Intentions fill you with life, energy and love. They lift you and remind you why you have your goals.  Intentions gently nudge you, whisper to you, encourage you.  Intentions help…
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