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Forgiveness Is A Gift You Give Yourself

In looking for inspiration for TappyBreak this week, I turned to my daily pages. On two days, I spoke of forgiveness - my own personal story written in third person.  I share some of those entries with with you today. Monday, June 8. Once she forgave them for her brother's pain, she had to forgive herself…
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Episode 36 #TappyBreak Failure is An Opportunity for Reinvention

Failure is such a dirty word and one that leaves many feeling defeated, disappointed and ruined, whether a personal or professional failure – the results can be devastating, especially when you fail to bounce back or allow the fear of another failure keep you down. How you feel about failure is going to make a…
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#TappyBreak – So Many Choices How Do I Know What’s Right?

Join me for Episode 35 for Tappy Break! So Many Choices How Do I Know What's Right? What is #TappyBreak?  It's an opportunity for you to take a break in your day and tap on the subliminal, unconscious and conscious emotions, people, things, and issues that cause you stress and block your creativity, moving forward,…
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#TappyBreak – I Can’t Handle Rejection

Today we explore the energy of rejection.  What is rejection?  How does it feel?  How does it affect you? No one likes rejections yet some are better at handling it than others.  For many, the thought of being rejected stops them in their tracks, allowing them to go only so far, or never even get…
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