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Fine Line Between Love and Hate

How deep your anger must be To rip the child from her mother’s arms Keeping them away from each other What contempt you must have for motherhood There is a fine line between love and hate When you love so deeply that betrayal Hardens you All you see is anger Instead of love And the…
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The First Time They Met (poetry)

She noticed the way he walked A bit of a slant to his tall body Long lean legs that strode easily   When he looked at her and said Hello His face broke into a wide easy smile His eyes danced with merriment or was it hope   Her smile came easily too As she…
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These 5 Questions Are a Guide for a Rich and Full Life

I came across a video recently. Dean James Ryan during his speech at the 2016 Harvard Graduate School of Education Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates posed 5 Essential Questions in Life. I love his advice as a guide to living a rich and full life. I’ve summarized his speech for you here, but I encourage you…
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Processing Grief With Compassion and Grace

Do you ever feel something bubbling up from your chest?  It feels tight, almost strangled, and you also feel like you want to cry?  You don't know why.  You have no idea where it is coming from. Maybe you do know, but you feel like it should be gone now, finished, yet it's not.  When…
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