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These 5 Questions Are a Guide for a Rich and Full Life

I came across a video recently. Dean James Ryan during his speech at the 2016 Harvard Graduate School of Education Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates posed 5 Essential Questions in Life. I love his advice as a guide to living a rich and full life. I’ve summarized his speech for you here, but I encourage you…
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15 Ways To Stay Present and Calm On Your Road Trip of Life

Being on the road in and out of hotel rooms and friends and families homes sounds enticing, yet last year when we did this for 2 weeks, I realized it was just downright uncomfortable after awhile. I did not like living out of a suitcase and being out of my daily rhythm. I rolled with…
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Creating a New Normal When You Break Through Your Upper Limit

This week I had conversations with two of my spiritual and holistic colleagues. One of my friends had achieved an amazing goal, yet she could not seem to sit in the celebratory space of this milestone.  Instead, she was filled with anxiety and dread about how she could do it again.  She felt so sad…
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