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Why Change Is So Hard And How To Make It Easier

Bikram Yoga Portsmouth and Bikram Yoga Epping hosted a 90 day challenge for people who wanted to make some positive changes in their life, get out of their rut, set some healthy goals, and deepen their spiritual practice. The studio owners wanted people to succeed, so they included 2 additional resources as part of the…
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A Skeptics Experience with Tapping (guest post)

Today's guest post is by Erin Holt, owner of Erin Holt Health, Holistic Nutritionist "When I was deep in the trenches of bulimia and anxiety, my mother begged me to try tapping. While “tapping” may draw up images of Gregory Hines for some people, I knew that it was another name for Emotional Freedom Technique…
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5 Changes That Helped My Autoimmune Flare

In March, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This really threw me into fear, overwhelm and rage which was a good thing. Rheumatoid Arthritis is scary stuff and so are the treatments for it. I finally took some serious action and gave myself permission to make decisions I couldn't quite let myself do before. Having another…
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