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Finding Freedom Through Judgments and Self Awareness

You know those people who piss you off the most? They just drive you crazy! It might be your mother, best friend, significant other, clerk at the grocery store, or someone you just met. You have such judgment against them. They push your buttons, trigger you to react in unattractive ways, infuriate you! We all…
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A Skeptics Experience with Tapping (guest post)

Today's guest post is by Erin Holt, owner of Erin Holt Health, Holistic Nutritionist "When I was deep in the trenches of bulimia and anxiety, my mother begged me to try tapping. While “tapping” may draw up images of Gregory Hines for some people, I knew that it was another name for Emotional Freedom Technique…
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How to Move Past Negative Thinking and Patterns Into the Positive

I've been working an exercise to acknowledge and quiet the negative thinking that was still invading my head space. Since I began to use EFT Tapping 10 years ago, those negative emotional and thought patterns have changed more easily than when I just told myself to think positively. I have been able to change belief systems using…
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Processing Grief With Compassion and Grace

Do you ever feel something bubbling up from your chest?  It feels tight, almost strangled, and you also feel like you want to cry?  You don't know why.  You have no idea where it is coming from. Maybe you do know, but you feel like it should be gone now, finished, yet it's not.  When…
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