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Your path to happiness include expressing yourself creatively

When Spirit Is Crying For Leaving (Poetry)

There are so many landscapes for us to see So many places that we can be Our exploration has just begun Don’t lock down and miss the fun   It does not have to be this or that We all know the world is not flat We have a home that’s always there We can…
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Bold and sassy, You beckon us Let go of doubt Embrace faith and creativity With the warm intensity Of the rising sun  
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5 Changes That Helped My Autoimmune Flare

In March, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This really threw me into fear, overwhelm and rage which was a good thing. Rheumatoid Arthritis is scary stuff and so are the treatments for it. I finally took some serious action and gave myself permission to make decisions I couldn't quite let myself do before. Having another…
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Creating a New Normal When You Break Through Your Upper Limit

This week I had conversations with two of my spiritual and holistic colleagues. One of my friends had achieved an amazing goal, yet she could not seem to sit in the celebratory space of this milestone.  Instead, she was filled with anxiety and dread about how she could do it again.  She felt so sad…
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