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When Spirit Is Crying For Leaving (Poetry)

There are so many landscapes for us to see So many places that we can be Our exploration has just begun Don’t lock down and miss the fun   It does not have to be this or that We all know the world is not flat We have a home that’s always there We can…
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Dragonfly Visits Again

In the spring of 2009, a dragonfly landed on my hand while I was unlocking the front door.  It just sat there, not moving, not bothered by my hand motion.  Later that week, I was sitting on our back deck and another dragonfly landed on the open page of the book that I was reading.…
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Fine Line Between Love and Hate

How deep your anger must be To rip the child from her mother’s arms Keeping them away from each other What contempt you must have for motherhood There is a fine line between love and hate When you love so deeply that betrayal Hardens you All you see is anger Instead of love And the…
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How Deep Is Your Blue

  How deep is your blue Inside the fiery red flame You explode without warning Blaming everyone Except yourself Unwilling to acknowledge your pain Never seeing the sadness That lies inside your rage
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