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Your Brow Chakra – Trusting Guidance From the Divine

Your lower chakras hold the key to fear, insecurity, unexpressed emotions and lack of personal power tied to your physicalthird eye chakra reality as you have learned so far in this series. They are also where programming from our childhood is stored.  Often we are unaware of the memories, issues, and perceptions that are unconsciously locked away in our chakras and their corresponding body parts.  There is so much information to aid you in making choices from a place of clarity and freedom rather programming and conditioning when you tap into the wisdom of your body.

Many people who are aspiring to heighten their spiritual side will focus their attention on their brow and crown chakras, ignoring the others.  They seem to be in the clouds or lacking a connection to the physical world.  In order to be balanced and truly connected to your higher realm, it is equally important to be grounded and balanced in your lower chakras.  Remember the energy flows up, so blocked energy from below only allows so much energy above. Also, you need the boundaries and limitation of the physical world to manifest the unlimited possibilities and ideas generated from your higher chakras.

So far in this series, the following chakras have been explained:

Root Chakra – Instinctual Need for Survival

Sacral Chakra – Pleasure Seeker

Solar Chakra – Power Driver

Heart Chakra – Searching for Love

Throat Chakra – Expressing Your Truth

chakras male bodyThe physical location of your brow chakra is between and above the eyes and its associated body parts are eyes, brain, pituitary and pineal glands, lymphatic and endocrine systems, and sinuses. The basic issues of your brow chakra are intellect, perception, wisdom, insight, clarity, clairvoyance, imagination, dreams, ideas, reasoning, connection to the higher self and telepathy.

The brow chakra combines the clearly focused left-brain, which computes and analyzes with an open right brain, which is where our intuitive, artistic and psychic gifts reside. Concentrating on this center teaches you discernment and wisdom, where you can focus on your inner state of awareness and the outer world at the same time. It helps you to see clearly what is important for your own well-being and happiness, giving you a sense of perspective and insight.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you have any stuck energy in your throat chakra.

1.            Do you use your imagination and your mind to create your life?
2.            What do you do that takes most of your energy?
3.            What do you do that feeds your energy?
4.            Are you doing things that you love and enjoy?  If not, what stops you?
5.            Do you take time each day to breathe, quiet your mind, look within, ask questions, connect to source and your inner guidance?
6.            Can you accumulate knowledge AND allow yourself to be open to what you still need to learn?
7.            Can you trust when something that you hear, see, or learn feels right and like truth to you?
8.            Can you allow yourself to have razor sharp focus at times an also be relaxed and unfocused at other times?
9.            Can you appreciate rational and logical thought from the brain’s left hemisphere AND acknowledge the gifts of the non-rational and non-linear of the right hemisphere?
10.            Are your thought processes rigid, obsessive, and ruminating or do you have flexibility in your thinking?
11.            How do you apply your moral beliefs to yourself and others – Do you tend to be repressed and overly conscientious judging yourself and others to rigid standards or do you allow yourself in some cases, to be more liberal, risk-taking and uninhibited?

Last in our series is the crown chakra – your connection to source and wisdom from above.


Meditations to Balance Your ChakrasIf you would like to begin today

to clear, balance, and heal your chakras,

you can get started with this series of 5 minute meditations for each chakra.

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  1. Conan
    Wonderful resource. Thank you for sharing some of your wisdom for free! Personally I have unconciousnessly opened the 6th Chakra, due to my strong desire for intellectual understanding. Luckily I am now aware to stop and go straight to the first charka and start from stratch. Taking baby steps and building the right foundation!
    • Thank you for your comments! Let me know how you are doing with building your foundation! much love to you.
  2. Excellent post. Keep posting such kind of information onn your blog. Im really impressed byy your site. Hello there, You have performed a fantastic job. I'll definitely digg it aand inn my opinion suggest to my friends. I'm sure they'll be benefited from this webb site.
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