Bronzed Orange – Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Fall Smells

She opened the door
Greeted by the warmth of
Bronzed orange -

Grandmother’s apple pie
Uncle Bob’s mulled cider
Auntie Louisa’s rum cake

Little boys with curly blond hair
Smile with twinkly blue eyes
Reaching for ginger bread cookies
With chunky little fingers

She lies awake upstairs
Wrapped in the warmth of
Smells wafting from the kitchen
Sounds of happiness
Remembering a time when it
Wasn’t always so

When warmth was an idea
Not an experience
When spicy was a drunk man’s
Smelly spent body
Finished with her mother
Walking past the couch where
She pretended to sleep

Thankfully a distant memory
One she will soon forget
As she embraces this new life
Of bronzed orange

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