Spirituality Is Not About Being Perfect

Living a spiritual life is being real and remembering that we are spiritual beings in a physical body here to learn and grow. It can be messy, scary, painful and emotional.  It's about growth, expansion, being knocked down and getting back up again.  It's about tuning into your soul's truth and being your best.  It's not being perfect.

At 54 years old, I am an unfinished masterpiece, always being improved by taking away or adding just the right thing. I embrace spirituality as love, connection and openness. I help others do the same.

I am a Modern Day Shaman ~ Energy Healer ~ Level II EFT (Tapping) Facilitator ~ Holistic Living Mentor ~ Self-Love Ambassador ~ Safer Skincare Advocate

Wife ~ Mother ~ Step-Mother ~ Grandmother ~ Jazz cook ~ Writer ~ Speaker

A woman who walks her talk and believes in contributing to the world through love. 


I can be quite irreverent and over the top spiritual at the same time. I swear. I say sweet things. I speak of love. I am a recovered Catholic who has found God in everyone and everything. I am love.

I am still trying to tame the perfectionist, who still needs reminders everyday to practice self-acceptance, self-love and lots of self-forgiveness.

The critical and judgmental control freak has learned to look in the mirror and use what she sees there for growth, healing and acceptance. I still like to run the show, yet I am learning how to do that from a loving space of kindness for myself as well as others.

For most of my life I needed to be smacked upside the head by the universe to get my attention. I can be quite stubborn and I do not know how to give up. However, I do know when to give in. It takes a lot for me to reach that point, but once I do. GAME OVER. Surrender is a large part of this lesson!

A couple of these smacks have been with Lyme Disease. 3 times. Who gets it 3 times. And is lucky enough to know it? ME. It took several years after the first bite before my body finally said, ENOUGH. I still challenge all the time. I will say this, Lyme Disease was a gift. 

I continue to live with Fibromyalgia, and believe I am winning that battle with this autoimmune disease. It hasn’t been easy, yet it has taught me to learn self-love, self-respect, and self-care. It taught me about boundaries, knowing my limits and knowing how far I can soar. It continues to teach me every day.

I look for the gift in every challenge and struggle. I see life through rose-colored glasses.  I see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I see the silver lining in every cloud. I see the world through a bubble of love and light. Not everyone can handle this. It’s ok.  I haven’t drunk the Kool-aid though. I have a practical side to me. Yet mostly, I just choose to see through the positive lenses.

My great spiritual lesson has been allowing more of my feminine to shine through and work in harmony with my masculine.  The truth is we are all both.

My intention is to be present in love and let that be my guiding force. It has and continues to serve me well.

I am finding harmony with how much I have and want to give to others and how much I need to keep for myself. I am still learning how much sacred space I need  for myself so that I can be nurturing and caring  to others without becoming bit#@y and resentful.  Something we all need.

In addition to being blessed with such a large family of love, I have overcome so many difficult and challenging experiences, which has all been part of my travels on Life In The Spiritual Lane.This has led me to become reacquainted with my intuition. It has been wonderful developing that beautiful language, allowing it to guide me and helping others to do the same.

My relationship with Angels, Archangels, Animal Spirits and Guides is continually growing deeper. They are always present and guide my healing sessions. I continue to ask for and receive their help with my own life. I’ll show you how you can also connect to your own intuition, and to the unlimited resources available to you through the spirit world.

We are all here to live in harmony with our souls, and it is my sincere desire to accompany and support you on your spiritual adventure.

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