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Active Meditation Practice

AMPLet go of the energetic clutter in your space and unleash your mental and spiritual power.

If your picture of meditation is velvet cushions and a quiet mind, watching your thoughts drift by as you breathe incense and chant a mantra to pan flutes and the sound of waves crashing on the shore, this is *not* the meditation practice you're looking for.

With this series of guided meditations, you will lay the foundation of an active meditation practice. Active meditation doesn't ask you to quiet your mind, in fact it requires that you engage your mind. Yes, you can use it to relax and recharge, and you can use it to open the door to your ability to see energy. Whether you're a seasoned meditator or a total newbie, these tools will change your life.


  • Group coaching calls laser-focused on the techniques and answering your questions (calls start in June and will run through September - the sooner you start, the more calls you can join!)
  • Access to a private FB group where you can connect with other daring spirits
  • An additional guided meditation recording putting all the tools together in a way that you can re-create any time, any place
  • More perks as Spirit moves us - once you're in with us, the fun just keeps coming!

In these program, you will activate your ability to:

  • Ground: The fastest, easiest way to connect with the present moment and release what's not serving you
  • Find the Center of your Head: Get comfortable with your ability to see clearly without judgement
  • Call Back Your Energy: Fill your space with your original essence, the unique energy that makes you *you* - and watch what happens
  • Work with Energy Channels: Balance earth and cosmic energies and create a comfortable equilibrium for your body
  • Protect your Space: Establish boundaries and learn how to keep unwanted energy from creeping into your space
  • Create and Destroy: Play with the Universe in its own language - creativity - and feel the power you already have within you to manifest what you want

$57 for meditations and group support in establishing a meditation practice