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Life in the Spiritual Lane is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes you travel on stormy seas. Yet like the changing tides which ebb and flow, it's an adventure with great surprises and many pleasures.

Living a spiritual life is being real and remembering that we are spiritual beings in a physical body here to learn and grow. It can be messy, scary, painful and emotional.  It's about growth, expansion, being knocked down and getting back up again.  It's about tuning into your soul's truth and being your best.  It's not about being perfect.

Travel along with me through back roads and major highways of life’s ups, downs, and all arounds as I share my own spiritual growth while holding space for you to expand into the fullest expression of your soul’s desire.  My own spiritual awakening has led me here and I will share with you the many ways spirit has spoken to me, leading me closer and closer to home, while providing inspiration, motivation, support and so much love for you on your own spiritual path.

I love to share the things that have helped my clients and me on this adventurous road trip called life that will help you to 

  • embrace creative, intuitive and holistic living
  • be happy in relationship with yourself and others
  • embrace spiritual, emotional and physical health
  • Live a lifestyle that you choose and enjoy
  • create healthy boundaries - physically and energetically
  • let go of old programming, familial and cultural conditioning, and other people's agendas for you
  • live outside the conventional box
  • Find freedom in self love and forgiveness
  • be in harmony with your soul
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Cheri Christine Keirstead

Living with gratitude 🙏 Burgeoning Writer ✍️ EFT/ Tapping/ Spiritual Healing 😇 Ebb and Flow 🌊 Swaying with the breeze 🌴 road trip called life ☀️ Mum 💜 Mimi 💜 Nonna 💜Married to a music man 🎵 Workshop Facilitator

For over 10 years, I have been holding sacred space and supporting women, men and children in their relationships, health and lifestyle. My spiritual, energetic and holistic approach offers practical and intuitive guidance for breaking down the barriers to health, happiness and love. I encourage you to bring your own vision to life, play by your own rules, and express yourself with honesty and love. Reveal what is deep within you - your soul. It's been hidden, covered and ignored for so long and it's time to remove the layers of conditioning, limits, fear, doubt, family programming, generational cords, past life trauma and others agendas for you, to reveal the brilliance of your truth and live in harmony with your soul's desires.

When you tune into your soul's truth and listen and follow its guidance your world will be more loving and joyful, growing more beautiful and expansive each day. Your health, relationships and lifestyle will not only improve. They will thrive

I work WITH you to create a vision for your lifestyle, health and relationships and then guide you to release what holds you back from living that vision and embrace what brings you joy. 

You learn to tune into your inner wisdom, let intuition guide you and live from your soul's truth in harmony with your soul